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June 3rd, 2013, 2:43 pm - Taking a week or two off

Hey, guys. I need to work on the script for the pilot of the TV show I would ONE DAY like to have.

That and also... I had, about, 20 more pages of LbaMM planned out but I didn't like them so I just scrapped them all and started the Autumn arc. So I need to get to planning that out too, haha.

So, actually. I don't know how long I'll be gone for. Hopefully no more than two weeks but no guarantee. I admit, I've been a little stuck on LbaMM for a while now ever since I changed the middle. I still have the ending in mind, and I'd like to get there, but I have to figure out how we get there.



[Posted by Cryingblujay on August 2nd, 2013, 11:29 am]

lbamm tv show? OUO That would be amazing, and would totally happen. I think if you got to talk to people about it that it would happen. I sure hope it does someday!

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