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December 19th, 2011, 6:27 pm - Feel free to contact me!

HELLO. Some of you appear to be having trouble contacting me! Here's a little more info to hopefully make the process easier on you.

-Skype: Erre Pi (Or trying searching for my username Theheaterishot. I think.)

(My profile picture is Timothy.


(I've had this email since I was 13. I apologize for that name.)


Don't be shy about talking to me. I'm also socially awkward so we can have fun awkward silences together!

Also, don't be shy about making requests from me. I'd love to be able to talk and connect with you guys in any way, I got a skype due to someone's request so, as I said, feel free.

I'll see you around!

A little bit of fair warning: I'm quite an ass, even when I try to be kind. I hope I don't shatter whatever vision you had of me.



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