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[Posted by ErrePi on October 24th, 2013, 10:36 pm]


Sorry I missed updates last week. I was trying to put a script together. On another note, check out Alex's redo of these pages!

http://theheaterishot.tumblr.com/post/64934544839/gentlepush-vi-wanted-me-to-redraw-so me-pages-of



[Posted by R.I.P on October 25th, 2013, 7:26 am]

Those re-drawn pages are brilliant too. I love how manly Daniel looks. Though prefer the adorable Ian in your style.

I don't really mind I like both, and ultimately whatever you and your friend decide, I'll still be coming back to read it each update :D

(Just checked your gallery, because I'm blind or something and never noticed it before. I keep forgetting that some people hated Timothy...I don't really get it, because he's probably my favourite character, though it's close between him and Daniel for first place. Admittedly Timothy gets a couple of pro points for being practical, and as someone in a trade, that makes me happy :D <-dorky smile)


[Posted by Gol on October 25th, 2013, 11:14 am]

Erm, so were you born with the ability to draw adorable things or...what? X3


[Posted by ErrePi on October 25th, 2013, 1:51 pm]

@R.I.P: Yeah, Daniel does look manly! Haha, you prefer chubby Ian?

Ah, no, no. Everyone's misunderstanding. I'm going to keep up online updates with my art but we're trying to get published using her art, just 'cause when I thought about having to redraw the first couple hundred pages, it made me want to give up. Haha.

Dude, now that you've mentioned it, I've forgotten people hated Timothy as well. I'm so used to being on Smackjeeves now. My friend Ashwara and I were trying to access Drunkduck to look at our old ass comics but it kept being down for weeks and we thought the site just shut down, apparently it's just been done for nearly two months now. Then I remembered the second reason why I left the site, haha.

But yeah. I guess people were just uncomfortable with him being into a grandpa, I know some dudes just didn't like him 'cause he was gay so I'm glad I'm on a site full of fujoshis. MY PEOPLE.

Oh, cool! You're in a trade? What trade? I wanted to go to a trade school but my entire family insisted I go to college since I was the first born, ugh.

Haha, glad you like Timothy and Daniel, I like them too.

@Gol: Haha, I first learned to draw from a comic called Magical Pokemon Journey, do you know about it? It was what got me into drawing and I just kept copying her art until I drew my own stuff so... yeah. I am actually just unable to draw not-cute stuff. Sob.


[Posted by Tallinn on October 26th, 2013, 4:16 pm]

Those redrawn pages look good! I love how you've kept the color scheme and a bit of the sketchy feeling... I hope you'll get published(but I also loved you chubby Ian...)


[Posted by ErrePi on October 29th, 2013, 4:20 am]

@Tallinn: Ughhh. I wanna get published too. Maybe I should just self-publish.


[Posted by R.I.P on October 30th, 2013, 11:42 am]

@ErrePi: Whoops, I did totally misunderstand. *embarrassed* Though I can understand why thinking of the work load of redrawing pages makes you want to give up. It's half the reason I can never finish anything art related. I get so far, then hate what I did previously, so go back do that, and then I hate what comes after, it's a never ending cycle. *shudder at the memories*

Yeah lots of people have been saying that it's still down. Fortunately I never really got round to start reading anything on there, so I guess that worked out well in the end.

I guess some people are still not cool with homosexuality. (A very close friend of mine used to be afraid of girls hitting on her, she grew out of that. Not sure if I helped be telling her "Even if a girl hits on you, it doesn't mean you have to have sex with her. You could always just tell her that you are straight.", but it at least made her laugh)

As for my job...you could loosely term me as an electrical engineer (on the railway). It's pretty cool, though can be tiring, (lots of walking and heavy lifting.) It does also mean however is that when anything breaks my family are all: "Hey, you do electrics right? Can you fix this for us?" Heck even when it's not electrics related, got phoned up by my brother once asking me to plumb in his washing machine XD.

Out of interest what trade would you have liked to have gone into?

(Gosh, sorry, just realised what a wall of text I've just typed up)


[Posted by ErrePi on October 30th, 2013, 9:54 pm]

@R.I.P: Haha, that's ok, no harm done.

Ah, yeah. One of the hardest lessons I had to learn with being a comic artist is that you have to let sleeping dogs lie, school was good for that. Learning to accept your shitty work 'cause no matter what, it's a part of your work and you put it out, it's just on the way.

Redrawing the first hundred pages had nothing to do with how bad they look, they just didn't meet the aspect ratio for print, haha.

Haha... I know plenty of people not cool with homosexuality. It's easy to forget when you hang out on the internet in a community of people totally cool with it but there's still a lot of terrible things going on out there.

DUDE. YOUR JOB SOUNDS LIKE THE COOLEST. ALSO, YOU SHOULD BE WRITING TIMOTHY, NOT ME. But I am being absolutely serious right now, if they ever need a laborer where you are, think of me first. I will quit whatever it is I'm doing and go to wherever you are to do it.

Oh, uh. I really liked wood working so I wanted to do carpentry, I guess construction work. My entire family kept telling me I couldn't 'cause it's male dominated but I liked woodshop a lot in high school. Haha. Ugh, you should... tell me secrets of your craft. Timothy's supposed to be an electrician specifically with those electrical poles, so on a city wide scale, but that's about all I know.

IT'S COOL. I love a lot of text!


[Posted by R.I.P on October 31st, 2013, 7:03 am]

Yeah, my problem is, is that I'm a perfectionist. So even if I just spent five hours or so slaving away on a picture, the moment I believe I'm done, I sit back and think "Phew, that took a while, but I like it."

-2 minutes later-
Oh god the proportions! Oh No how did I not notice the weird positioning of the arm (it goes on, and then the invitable head in hands moment XD)

It'll be tough work, and depending on the weather can suck (having to fix a cable when it's thunder and lightning), or can be pretty nice when you've just finished a tough job and then the sun comes out and you're all "Saftey shades!" 8D

Whoa...my family didn't even attempt to stop me, they knew that I'd just go and do it whether they helped me or not. It helps though if you get along with men better than women in general, or can put up with a bit of brashness and bad language hahahaha.

It sounds terribly stereotypical, but you can often tell a trades person by how they talk, we're generally a little less Politically correct and will call a spade a spade if you get my drift.

Oh and "It's f***ed" becomes a technical term for example, and if it's light hearted enough situation and you can joke, sometimes someone will reply with "Is that the technical term?"

Probably doesn't help the uncouth stereotype we get, but it certainly makes explaining why we need to do something about it quickly without having to go into a lot of detail.

Take cable testing for example (prepare for a bit of a slog);
You have to test the resistance between the cores and cores to earth. So you want high values, at least in the Mega ohms, if not the Giga. We tested a cable and were getting values like 0.03 or so. Which basically means the cable is shot, and you wouldn't want important circuits running through it. (If that helps explain it, it does make more sense if you can show someone it.)

The guys do however, try not to swear as much around women though, and kept apologising every time they swore when around me, until something happened and I ended up swearing. (Now they don't worry so much)

I wasn't very good at carpentry, but I can appreciate the craft. Met this carpenter guy who had a stall up at a craft fate, and no one was going up to his counter. I had no money on me, and probably a good thing too, because some of his work I'd probably have bought in an instant. Instead I just chatted to him for about half an hour about his pieces and asking about his craft.

As for Timothy's job, I might be able to help a bit. I have climbed a couple telegraph poles (not the huge metal ones though) and I had to carry the white cans (can't honestly remember what the technical term is for them) up. Which I can safely say are really heavy, and climbing up a ladder with one and having to stretch your arm out to reach to put it in place takes a lot of strength. Timothy though, certainly has the height advantage, unlike me who was all "Just a little further!!" *stretch* hahahaha.

Unfortunately I'm not actually specialised in his job, but will be happy to help as much as I can :D. (Almost did, but that's another story and I've already bored everyone to tears, *just realised how much I'm rambling again! face palm*)


[Posted by ErrePi on November 7th, 2013, 11:22 pm]

@R.I.P: Well, I can't think of many artists that aren't perfectionists, the ones that weren't are basically just considered lazy and it showed in their work. I think it's like what this one artist said, you never finish a piece, you abandon it. I think learning to stop is just as important a skill in art as anything else.

Haha, how delicate do you think I am? Well, I don't blame you, I was raised in the suburbia of suburbia but half of my family's redneck so I am familiar with the type of people you're talking about, haha. That might be why I think tradesmen are kinda cool, they're the ones that raised me.

I have NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. With the cable testing but it sounds rad as shit.

Man. I really want to ask you about Timothy for this one scene but then I realized it was actually pretty big spoilers so I can't, lame. MAN, YOU'RE SO COOL. You should keep telling me about your job.

Ahhhh. My next comic is just gonna be about you working.


[Posted by Psyzan on January 14th, 2015, 4:25 pm]

@ErrePi: I love how you draw the characters, but the detailed backgrounds and the way the panels are laid out are nice. You two could be a dream team!

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