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In the next chapter they climb to the top of that cloud tower.
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[Posted by ErrePi on January 28th, 2012, 3:54 pm]

Hey, guys! Two questions for you.

1) If I were to print out Led by a Mad Man and sell it... What would interest you as extras in the back?

2) If I were to make silk screen posters of the characters, what character or combination of characters would interest you?

Last question: I'm pretty hungry. Should I buy ice cream?


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[Posted by ErrePi on February 1st, 2012, 8:12 pm]

Oh my, oh my. I see I see, thank you all for you comments.

At first I thought that maybe just putting in pictures/drafts as extras wouldn't be interesting enough so my original intent was to draw an extra comic of the characters before Daniel showed up.

But due to time constraint that makes it very hard. Seeing as I have your permission I'm assuming it's alright then? Haha, I'll have to get my stuff together then.

Also, since some of you do seem curious, would you guys be interested in a livestream? I cannot guarantee interesting conversation, fast women, or excitement but I can promise you I'll be drawing the comic.

That is all I can guarantee.

@mk_insane: Haha, a signature? But of course. I didn't want to at first, I always thought it was conceited to do so but people seem to enjoy it.

Ugh. But I love ice cream. Fine, MOM.

@Odd1Out: Aw, it's ok. I love long comments about my comic. If someone wrote a really long and boring literary analysis of the comic, I will still read it.

Haha, I love behind the scenes thing too but that might just be because of my major and general work interest, haha.

In any case, I have printed out Led by a Mad Man once before, but I wasn't really satisfied with the final product and there were some errors which was why I asked this question. I'm getting ready to reprint again and I didn't have the time to put in some extras so I wanted to ask.

The first time I printed it out, it was just the first 100 pages and I had to redraw all the pages due to the fact I had never had an intention to print it out and all the dimensions were wrong. I definitely want to end it at a different spot than the 100th page, it wasn't really very good. Haha. But in addition to that I was hoping to put out the second volume of Led by a Mad Man later this year too.

Yeah, printing in color was costly but... that's how I hide the weakness in my art, haha. I think printing them out was about 15 bucks per? I can't remember. 12 bucks? Haha. It's been a while.

In any case, printing is one thing, publishing is a completely different minefield. Maybe one day a long time from now. Haha.

Oh man. The characters have barely changed since I first drew them so I have nothing like that to add in there. Seriously, they are exactly the same. Haha. Karen's the only one that's changed and that's just in clothes.

In any case, I definitely did want to include the Q&A comics but I'll probably have to redraw them, eh? Also rewrite it so you can understand the comic without the questions maybe. Mostly I'm thinking in terms of time constraint, I'll probably do all that for the second volume, haha.

Haha, those are good combinations, they were definitely the first I thought of.

In any case, sorry for my rambling mess, I mostly was just thinking things through while writing this comment. Haha, and your input was very useful. Thank you.

Hahaha. Ah, power rangers.

@NightingaleLost: Hmmmmm. It's nice to know that people are interested in the process too. Haha, it makes me happy as an artist.

Hmmmm, all of them, eh? Do you have any idea what kind of pose?

Ice cream is fantastic, isn't it?

@bocaj: I'm getting some. But not because you told me to but because I wanted to.


@yummyums: Oh, Daniel and Timothy, eh? That's a difficult combination to make an interesting picture, haha. I'll think about it.

Haha. Ice cream is perfection.

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[Posted by mk_insane on January 31st, 2012, 11:51 pm]

1) Any art relating to the comic. Info on the characters, story, writing/drawing process. A signature?

2) ALL OF THEM <3 <3 <3

3) Hell yeah. You should probably have something a little more filling as well, though.


Sorry for the Long Comment. OTL [Posted by Odd1Out on January 31st, 2012, 11:57 pm]

You should definitely get ice cream - at least, if it's within your budget. I'd recommend getting Green Tea, but hardly any places sell that flavor. *Sighs*

As for extras, I'm the sort of person who always checked the "Extra Features" on my DVD's, just to see the behind-the-scenes production secrets. Maybe "Led by a Mad Man" can have the same thing?
The "Q & A's" and Gift/Celebration art are definitely important to include. Asides from that, you could add concept designs, character profiles, and secrets about them (e.g. "So-and-so was originally supposed to look or be like this...etc."). Those are always fascinating.
Hm, also side stories about the cast would be welcomed. I've seen other artists either write, draw, or a combination of the two for their side stories.
Some stories are 'gags' or back stories with info that normally wouldn't be mentioned in the main plot (e.g. showing how certain characters were when younger).

If you're going to print the story, I'd consider the amount of pages you want to print. If you intend to do it in volumes opposed to a completed whole, knowing where to satisfyingly 'end' each volume at would be good. The fact that you work in color makes things instinctively eye-catching; printing in color may cost a bit.
Because your pages are minimal in panels, you might consider merging some pages' panels together to be cheaper. Your book can be vertical or horizontal in format. Reading flow will be affected in some way--especially since books offers a different reading experience than a webcomic.
If you were to print it out, I'd definitely would love to purchase it. :) Because I lack experience in this area, it's probably better to learn from or contact other artists who experienced publishing and how to make it happen.

To finally answer question number 2... I'd definitely know Ian & Daniel would make an awesome power-duo! >D Besides that, having Timothy and Richard together would definitely be pleasing. <3 If not those two suggestions, you'd definitely should do one with the the entire team...!

Sorry for the long wall of text.
For some reason, I'm imagining your cast posing like the "Power Rangers" while writing this. OTL


[Posted by NightingaleLost on February 1st, 2012, 12:58 am]

Well, I think Odd1Out kind of said everything i would have said XDDD

But yeah, a background look into how you make each page would be really nice, and the whole team on a poster would be so totally cool <333

And yes. If you can, buy ice cream. It helps the soul and is delicious. Can't go wrong with that combo XD


[Posted by bocaj (Guest) on February 1st, 2012, 7:53 am]

Get some ice cream.


Since It Seemed Rude to Not Answer Back... :D [Posted by Odd1Out on February 2nd, 2012, 8:37 am]

Ah...! I didn't know there was a distinction between 'publishing' and 'printing.' It's good learning something new everyday. Comics have a unique language of their own, especially in comparison to other mediums, no? *Grins*

As for your Q&A's, there might be a way to include them without a massive re-drawing for the sake of context. Granted, I've never printed anything before so I'm not experienced in specifically what companies tend to get picky about. If you are forced to re-draw them for other reasons, then I apologize for the 'talking out of my ass' that goes on below:

One possible idea is photoshopping at the top of the page one rectangle panel (e.g. Timothy: What is it about Richard that made him 'love at first sight'?) before showing underneath your drawn responses. That method doesn't require much re-drawing, and perhaps only a one-page introduction explaining the origins of your "Q&A" extras.
Some artists I've observed have one panel reserved for the characters to do the introducing, like using a microphone or reading a letter aloud. One visual example of this method comes from a webcomic "Axe Cop" by Malachai and Ethan Nicolle. The question is featured through a prominent word bubble, opposed to a regular rectangle panel like I suggested earlier: (http://axecop.com/index.php/acask/read/ask_axe_cop_37/).

Whatever you finally decide upon, I wish for you to have an easy time of it! :)
If your volumes can be bought through online means, I'd love to do so.


[Posted by Tallinn on February 2nd, 2012, 11:27 am]

Well I agree with all of the above, I don't have much to add... All your characters are very loveable, so any combination is fine... Maybe Timothy and Richard, with Daniel being annoying in the middle? but all of them would be nice ;) Also, when in doubt, eat ice cream. It solves everything.


[Posted by yummy on February 7th, 2012, 5:45 pm]

*unrelated to everyone else's comment*
...the overhead panel looks kinda cool :D

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