Here's some Led by a Mad Man illustrations. Order is newest at top, oldest at the bottom.

Karen and her husband, Brian.

The characters genderbent.

Screenshots of my motion graphics final.

Screenprints of all the characters.

Ian and his parents.

One of three business cards I was designing. The info on the Daniel one ended up being wrong, haha.

I was testing a cell phone wallpaper.

All my main characters, including Theo from Vi's Manor.

For the second year anniversary, the characters genderbent.

Karen's in there... somewhere.

Main characters dicking around.

A picture I drew after switching from Drunkduck to Smackjeeves and I was happy drawing Timothy again.

David, from IDGI, Anthony, from AWLP, Daniel.

The main characters from my three main characters.

Five pictures I drew to remember their true color 'cause I don't use them that much.

David from I Don't Get it, Daniel, Ian.

David from I Don't Get It and Daniel. I think they're starting to get along here.

David from IDGI and Daniel. Daniel, what are you doing.

Are you stupid, Daniel? Star wipe. Always.

Richard and Fred from my other comic Vi's Manor.

Testing out word bubbles 'cause the fact that they were all white before was a huge pain in the ass.

Hey! Karen's costume change.

Haha, the kind of pictures I draw when I'm studying/working on finals. I think I just like to know that someone is suffering along with me.

Trying to draw them as anime as possible. I think I was playing Recettear at the time which, barring obvious fan service, I still enjoyed.

Dicking around photoshop.

A picture for the 200th page.

A comic exploring a different aspect of Daniel and Timothy's relationship.

Fucking neeeeeeeeerds.

A picture I drew soon after a lot of readers expressed their dislike of Timothy.

Old icon wallpaper. God, that text is terrible. Hahahaha.

Old icon set I made. Karen's was before I tweaked her character, clothes and otherwise.

A joke response to people saying they thought Timothy was hot.

This was my first time drawing Led by a Mad Man ever, I ended up not veering too much from the original. I still plan the comic this way, I just draw it and then tweak it on the final pages on the computer. I guess Ian's name used to be Ken! I don't even remember that.

This picture was right before I was going to introduce Timothy so I was super nervous, haha.

Testing out Timothy's palette again.

I was having the readers guess Daniel's age so I drew him in a different style hoping it'd be easier with more visual clues. It was not.

I was drawing Timothy and I couldn't so it ended up being a picture of Ian yelling at Timothy off screen.

Trying to figure out the palette for Timothy and Karen.

Based on when I let my room smell for a week before finding some old food. Delicious.

First character sheet ever, some of the information is inaccurate. The bottom was for a separate story with Karen's family I wanted to draw but then... didn't want

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